Welcome to Sugar Hills Bakery Chicago

The best things in life are free, the second best are very sweet! And what better way to spread the sweetness than by opening a new Sugar Hills Bakery in Chicago?

sugar hills bakery pastries

In March we celebrated the opening of our new bakery at 3235 W. Addison, our third location in the Chicagoland area! After the success of our two bakeries in Algonquin and Wheeling, we knew we wanted the Chicago store to be the cherry on top.

sugar hills bakery fruit tarts

What sets the Chicago location apart is we created a space where people could come, relax and start their day on the right foot. We installed tables and seating for 40 people and expanded our menu to include breakfast pastries and sandwiches. Freshly brewed Intelligentsia coffee is always hot and ready for your morning coffee run.

sugar hills bakery breakfast pastries

Classic favorite likes macaroons, fruit tarts and cake pops are also made fresh everyday. We pride ourselves on using natural quality ingredients and never preservatives.

sugar hills bakery breakfast

Of course, the only way you can really experience our quality products is to taste them. That’s the fun part! We can’t wait to see you in the bakery soon!


Anna and Jacob

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